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Veterinary Clinic

A New Approach
to Pet Care

Emergency Veterinarian Service
A New Approach to Pet Care

You shop online. You bank online.
Now you can manage your pet's health online.

Activ4Pets collects your pet's entire
health history
to make it available
anytime, anywhere.

It's perfect for when you're at the groomers, boarders, while
traveling or in an emergency. We also provide e-Consultations
and Second Opinions for a full suite of Health solutions.



  • What type of relief does Activ4Vets provide?



Activ4vets can help with finding general practitioners, surgeons, emergency veterinarians or large animal veterinarians that can help with coverage for one day or on a consistent basis for longer periods of time. Activ4vets has a large group of veterinarians full time on our staff as well as independents located all over the states


  • How do I request a Relief Veterinarian?



Contact Activ4Vets either by phone at (855)   738-3282 or by email at contact@activ4vets.com. Be prepared with all the details such as dates, hours and special requirements. Once we have a veterinarian that is available we will send over a client agreement and service order where we list all the details or the request. Estimates and blank agreements are available upon request.


  • How do I get billed?



Practices are sent invoices bi-weekly via email for any services rendered within the last two weeks.


  • Is there a minimum contract time for a Relief Veterinarian?



Activ4Vets require a minimum of 6 working hours on weekdays and 4 working hours on weekends. We charge by the hour and after 10 hours we charge time and a half. However, please contact us to discuss best to match them.


  • Are there any other fees for a Relief Veterinarian?



If a veterinarian is not available within 50 miles of your practice there is a traveling fee of $0.54 per mile and an overnight fee for distant locations of at least $100 for housing purposes, and an on-call fee when needed.


  • How do I cancel a service?



Just contact Activ4Vets. All services can be cancelled free of charge provided you give us 1- months’ notice. However, there is a $200 fee if cancellation occurs after that. Travel charges may apply for same-day cancellation.

For more information visit us at www.Activ4vets.com . If you have any other questions call us toll-free on (855)   738-3282 or email at

Request a call back

With Activ4Vets, veterinary services are never more than a click away. To find out more, provide your information below and we'll give you a call back.