How we work

Our Relief Veterinarians are Qualified, Licensed and ready to help! Expect a licensed Activ4Vets veterinarian when and where you requested. Business continues as normal for your clients – they can expect the same level of treatment and billing as always.

  • 1In the event that you need a Relief Veterinarian, please contact Activ4Vets and tell us what you need and when.
  • 2Activ4Vets will then email you a proposal, including the veterinarian’s resume and rate.
  • 3Once you approve the proposal, we will set up a call to connect you with the veterinarian so you are both comfortable before the day of the shift.
  • 4You will be responsible for notifying clients about the (slight) change in service and for explaining your policies to relief staff.
  • 5We will send you an invoice which you will pay directly to Activ4Vets.

I would like to request a relief veterinarian at my clinic.

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