What type of relief does Activ4Vets provide?

Activ4Vets helps connect clinics with general practitioners, surgeons, emergency veterinarians and large animal veterinarians to provide coverage for any length of time. We have a large staff of full time and independent veterinarians across the continental United States.

How do I request a Relief Veterinarian?

Contact Activ4Vets by phone at (786) 518-2241 or by email at contact@activ4vets.com. We ask that you provide us with the dates, hours and requirements for the relief shift. Once we pair you with a veterinarian, we will send over a client agreement and service order. Estimates and blank agreements are available upon request.

How do I get billed?

Practices are sent weekly invoices via email for any services rendered the previous week.

Is there a minimum contract time for a Relief Veterinarian?

Activ4Vets does not require a minimum contract time for a relief veterinarian. However, we do have daily flat rates based on shift length. If the shift exceeds contract hours, we charge time and a half. We work with each clinic to fulfill their specific needs.

Are there any other fees for a Relief Veterinarian?

If a veterinarian is not available within 40 miles of your practice, there is a $0.54/mile traveling fee, a $100 minimum overnight hotel fee for distant locations, and an on-call fee when needed.

How do I cancel a service?

All services must be cancelled 30 days before the agreed shifts. If shifts are cancelled before 30 days, we require 75% of the fee for the agreed hours. If shifts are cancelled before 14 days of the service, we require 100% of the fee for agreed hours. Travel charges may apply for same day cancellation.

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