Activ4Vets is a nationwide veterinary staffing service, founded by businessman and entrepreneur Florent Monssoh who has over two decades of experience in the healthcare staffing field. As a company we benefit from over 20 years experience employing medical relief staff in both Europe and North America, offering lucrative work opportunities to our team members. Activ4Vets provides convenient and reliable relief staffing solutions, to assist veterinarians in providing round the clock client service, while preserving their personal lives and free time.

Our vision is to empower veterinarians to efficiently manage their practices and optimize their productivity for the purpose of providing continuity of care while capturing additional revenue.

Our mission is to provide high-quality Relief Vets to Veterinary Practices in a timely, convenient manner – empowering clients to efficiently manage their practices and optimize their productivity.

I am interested in becoming a relief veterinarian.

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