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Activ4Vets is a nationwide veterinary relief service that offers our on-staff veterinarians flexible and challenging employment opportunities with great rewards and endless possibilities for growth.

We have a wide variety of independent, part time and full time options available, and we handle all of the scheduling, billing and administration on your behalf. As a company we benefit from over 20 years of experience employing medical relief staff in both Europe and North America, offering lucrative work opportunities to our team members.

Our mission is to provide high-quality Relief Vets to Veterinary Practices in a timely, convenient manner, empowering clients to efficiently manage their practices and optimize their productivity.

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Activ4Vets is nationwide

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We think we’re awesome, but don’t take our word for it.
Meet Dr. Kimber. He thinks we’re pretty awesome, too.

I love working for A4V as a relief veterinarian for three main reasons. First, my schedule has been practically infinitely flexible. As a relief vet, I simply email or call A4V, tell them the days I am available each month, and they find work for me. On the days I am unavailable, I am not obligated to work. Second, I develop a broader perspective by working with many different clinics. I learn something new from each clinic, and this helps me constantly improve my skills. Third, I have gone through a “life change” lately – my kids have moved away from home and off to college. A4V has been flexible with me during this change, allowing me to work sometimes in New York, and others in Minnesota, so I get to spend time with my children as my family makes this transition.

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