What am I expected to do as an Activ4Vets relief veterinarian?

We work within your limitations. Our only requirement is that you work daytime appointments. Surgery, emergency shifts and overnights are optional.

What if you don’t find me any shifts and I’m left without work?

You commit to us and we commit to you. When you sign on with us full time or part time, you get paid your agreed rate whether we find you shifts or not. That’s our promise to you.

How far will I have to travel to get to each clinic?

This depends on how densely populated your area is and how far you are willing to drive. Typically, our veterinarians stay within an agreed upon radius. Any travel done outside of that radius will be compensated.

How much will I get paid?

We let you pick your rate. We trust that you know your practice and the cost of living in your area, and we’re dedicated to paying you what you deserve.

Why work relief?

Some vets like the variety of trying new clinics every day. Some vets enjoy the experience of learning different ways each clinic runs their practice. Activ4Vets relief veterinarians are exposed to more lucrative educational opportunities, as they come across new equipment, styles of working and knowledge every day.

I am interested in becoming a relief veterinarian.

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